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Terms and Conditions


1.   為免派遞失誤,每張訂購表格只可填寫一個派送地址及城市。
2.   本公司絕不接納以任何政府部門或郵政信箱(Post box)作為收件地址。
3.   所列的派遞時間僅供參考,派遞時間由派遞公司發運第一天起計及以當地(收件地)工作天計算。
4.   所有派遞均不設夜間及假日(公眾假期)派遞服務。在一般情況下,派遞公司只會於星期一至五安排派送。
5.   寄件人所提供的「期望貨到日期」只供派遞公司作參考之用,最終送貨日期以派遞公司的安排為準,在一般情況下都會安排在「期望貨到日期」或之前進行派送。如寄件人所提供的「期望貨到日期」為當地的星期六或公眾假期,派遞公司將安排於該期望貨到日期(星期六或公眾假期)之前或之後的工作天進行派送。
6.   若因當地天氣問題或突發事故以致未能送件,派遞時間將順延至下一個工作天。
7.   在合理情況下,榮光手工創意曲奇會盡力於閣下提供的送抵時間內,將貨品送到收件地址,但送貨過程難免遇上派遞延誤問題(例如﹕當地假日、收件人地址錯誤、聯絡不上收件人、收件人要求更改派送日期、當地海關扣關等),或其他技術性問題而導致派遞公司未能如期派件,故此本公司並不保證所有派遞均可如期完成。
8.   若榮光手工創意曲奇對已填寫的地址有任何疑問,將會聯絡寄件人或收件人。於派遞時,若派遞公司發現收件地址不符,會直接聯絡收件人,並要求提供同一城市之正確收件地址,再次安排派遞。若寄件人或收件人所提供的新派送地址並非於同一城市,本公司將會向收件人收取「轉運費」。
9.   榮光手工創意曲奇承擔由派遞收運至交付時的安全運輸責任。在此期間,貨件如有丟失、變質、污染、損壞,本公司均承擔賠償的責任。
10.  如遇任何問題貨件(例如:收件地址不詳、收件人不符、收件人電話不正確、收件人拒收、收件地址為政府部門或郵政信箱(Post box)等),派遞公司均不會安排退運,一律當作棄件處理,本公司恕不負責,亦不會安排退款。
11.  收件人簽收貨件後3天內為索賠期,只限收件人或寄件人任何一方提出索賠。如索賠期後收不到任何索賠要求,榮光手工創意曲奇則視之為自動放棄索賠權論。
12.  索賠價值以所訂購的貨品價值為上限,索賠金額並不包括運費,收件人或寄件人提出賠償要求不得超過所訂購的貨品價值。
13.  如有任何疑問,歡迎電郵至 email: glorybakery@yahoo.com.hk 榮光手工創意曲奇顧客服務部查詢,並請於查詢時表明為「網上訂購」事項。
14.  訂購一經落實,已繳款項概不發還。如有任何爭議,榮光手工創意曲奇有限公司保留最終決定權。

Ordering Terms and Conditions :

1.  To avoid delivery chaos, each form should be filled in with only ONE delivery address.
2.  No address of government office and no post boxes will be accepted as destinations.
3.  The dates of arrival mentioned in the price list are for reference only. The actual arrival time is counted from the day the delivery commences.
4.  Delivery is only available during the daytime; night time and holiday deliveries are not provided. Under normal circumstances, the delivery will be arranged on Monday to Friday.
5.  The expected arrival date provided by the customer is for reference only. The exact arrival date should be confirmed by the courier service provider. In normal circumstances, the delivery will be made on or before the expected arrival date. If the expected arrival date provided by the customer is Saturday (at local time) or local holiday, the courier service provider will make the delivery on a working day before and after that Saturday (at local time) or local holiday.
6.  Arrival will be postponed if an emergency occurs or if the weather prevents a delivery.
7.  Under normal circumstances, Glory Bakery always tries our best to deliver our products on or before the expected delivery time provided by the customer. Since it cannot be ensured that no problems (for example, local holidays, improper receiver’s address, or technical problems) occur during the delivery process, Glory Bakery will not guarantee the exact delivery time.
8.  If Glory Bakery is unsure about the delivery address, Glory Bakery may contact the sender or receiver to confirm and request another address in the same city for a re-delivery. If the destination city of the new address is different from the city of the old address, Glory Bakery will charge the receiver for the re-delivery fee.
9.  Hong Kong Glory Bakery will  undertake the responsibility for the misplacement, transformation, pollution or damage of the parcel during the delivery.
10. Hong Kong Glory Bakery is not responsible for misleading orders (e.g. receive wrong address/ receiver/ phone number or if the delivery address is Government Department or post box etc.). The parcels will not be returned. No refund will be given to the customer.
11. Only either the sender or the receiver can request compensation and the request must be made within 3 days after receiving the parcel.
12. The maximum compensation amount will not be greater than the value of the product.
13. Please email to Customer Service Department at glorybakery@yahoo.com.hk if you have any queries. Please state clearly that it is an online-branch issue.
14. Once the order is confirmed, the payment will not be returned. Hong Kong Glory Bakery reserves the right of final decisions in case of dispute.